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Violence against "overly resistive" uke (Robert Cowham)

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Anonymous: Violence against "overly resistive" uke - 15 Replies

From: Robert Cowham on Thu, 13 Dec 2018 14:43:19 -0700

[QUOTE=Alec Corper;353400]What is your teacher doing, daydreaming? There are valuable lessons to be learnt for both partners, genuinely martial based understandings about force on force, how to soften the body, how and when to use or not use “hard” power and so on. I agree that dojo partners should be able to talk to each other but the creation of a proper dojo climate and context is the responsibility of the Sensei.[/QUOTE] Have to agree. People should only be "pushing practice boundaries" with *consenting* partners of an appropriate level of experience (and ability to take the ukemi). The Sensei needs to ensure/enable this, and provide a mechanism for feedback which means that exceptions can be suitably handled.
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