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Violence against "overly resistive" uke (Rupert Atkinson)

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Anonymous: Violence against "overly resistive" uke - 16 Replies

From: Rupert Atkinson on Tue, 23 Apr 2019 14:32:33 -0600

I'm with Ellis on this one. If you watch people train, the best toris are always the best ukes. So, if you want to learn, you need to chase/study the role of uke. Modern Aikido has become Aikijudo - doing the waza on uke. In essence, the smart uke is the real student, not tori. Uke learns to merge with tori's 'dealings' (you could call it an attack), and thus later, with a crafty sleight, learns to counter everything. So, as uke, don't just fall down. be like a soft spring applying soft pressure towards tori that he can use to control you, but that you can also use to stay - self aware and alive - not just tori's victim. I absolutely guarantee that no one will ever teach you this. When uke, I do this every time, and though I mention it to people, they have no clue or no interest in what I am talking about.
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