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Damon Schearer

4th Dan

Damon was awarded Aikido Yondan (4th Dan) by the International Aikido Federation in 2014 and Aikido Shodan (1st Dan) by Shodokan Aikido Federation (1997). He is an accredited Level 2 Aikido Instructor with both the Martial Arts Industry Association and the Australian Jujitsu Federation both issued in 2021.
Damon commenced training in Aikido in 1991 at the Brisbane dojo of Aiki Kai Australia. As a result of relocation due to work he was unable to study at Aikikai so helped the Queensland Tomiki Aikido Association establish a school in Ipswich where he trained from 1994 – 1999. In 1998 his work changes enabled a return to Aikikai Australia where he trained until he moved to Canberra in 2007. Upon moving to Canberra he commenced training with the Aikido no Kenkyukai group.
In addition to Aikikai, Kenkyukai and Tomiki styles of Aikido, he has had exposure/experience training with other Aikido styles – Yoshinkan Aikido through a series of classes for Police in 1999 by Michiharu Mori Sensei (then 5th Dan), and Iwama Ryu Aikido through Weapons classes with Ipswich Takemusu Aikido in 1998 by Jason Wotherspoon (then 3rd Dan).
His principal inspiration in Aikido study is Katsuyuki Shimamoto 8th Dan Shihan (and Buddhist Priest) of the Shosenji Dojo in Osaka, David Brown 7th Dan Shihan of Aikikai Australia (Victoria), and William Gleason 7th Dan Shihan of Boston Aikido.
Damon's current focus in Aikido is on it's connection to sword work, and also its martial arts context, as a result of a career in law enforcement, dignitary protection, and self defence. He is also Iaido Renshi Rokudan (6th Dan) and Jodo Rokudan (6th Dan) Jodo issued by the All Japan Kendo Federation, and teaches both at the Kuroyama Budokai. He is continually looking for the intersection between the various Budo arts.

Damon Schearer
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