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What is Aikido?

Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art that draws upon centuries of Japanese fighting arts such as juijitsu and kobudo. A Japanese martial artist of rare skill and dedication created Aikido in the 1930s and 1940s. His name was Morihei Ueshiba - a farmer, soldier, and master of many traditional Japanese fighting arts. He was given the title of 'O-Sensei', meaning great teacher.

While Aikido teaches self-defence, O-Sensei created Aikido by simplifying a vast array of traditional techniques to a core set that allowed the practitioner to concentrate on the key principle of 'aiki'. Aiki is the harmony of energy, or the unification of opposing forces.

Through the correct use of aiki, Aikido provides a path, or Way [do], to a master martial art. The path includes many benefits along the journey, such as how to resolve conflict positively, let go of fear and bring mind, body, and spirit into harmony. The training process helps uncover the gift of awareness and peace within ourselves. Hence the founder called it the Art of Peace: "techniques of harmony, not contention - a way of avoiding fighting and war."

Aikido is based on the principles of non-violence and non-resistance. It involves throws, locks, and pins which do not damage limbs. Aikido does not involve striking or blocking aggressors, and is non-competitive. This art offers insight and resolution to any conflict situation, including verbal arguments and other non-physical conflict. 

Aikido is wonderful for adults and children of all ages. We have active members ranging from 5 through to 70 years of age. Immediate benefits include body awareness, 'centering', relaxed movement, and confidence. Being a true Japanese martial art, weapons such as the sword, the stick and the knife are used to help train practitioners. Defence against these weapons is also taught. 


''In our techniques, we enter completely into, blend totally with, and control firmly an attack. Strength resides where one's ki is concentrated and stable ... 
AI does not struggle. AIKI is a 'meeting of the ki' ... That which takes something to be the enemy; that which struggles against another is from the beginning not the spirit/mind of the Universe'' 
O-Sensei Morihei Ueshiba 

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