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Tony Butt

5th Dan

Tony has been training in Aikido since 1984 and was graded to Yondan in 2014. He has travelled to Japan to further his training and to improve contact with our Japanese teachers, most recently in 2019.
Aikido has shaped Tony's life over the past 36 years. He has been teaching at Cook dojo since 2010.
In Tony's classes he strives to pass on the spirit of Yamaguchi shihan's teaching as it was passed to him by Takeda shihan, Ishii Sensei, Seino Sensei, Seymour Sensei and others.
After training in this art for so many years, Tony believes that Aikido becomes less about something you do, more a lived experience and something that you are. He aims to provide that same opportunity to his students.

Tony Butt
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